1. pellskin Fashion

    Leather for belts, bags, small leather goods and footwear

    Many people leave marks, only a few leave impressions.

    (Werner Mitsch)

  2. pellskin

    pellskin ... the new type of leather


    Thanks to its special finishing, it embodies elegance, a pleasing feel and absolute robustness.

  3. pellskin Automotive

    Leather for car interior

    pellskin automotive


    Creating ideal interior equipment is the art of combining function with esthetics.

  4. Pellskin Airborne

    Premium leather specifically for the aviation industry

    … light as wings and yet incredibly durable and resistant.

  5. Furniture leather

    Full grain leather for furniture


    Here I am human, here I can express myself.

    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

  6. Orthopedic leather

    Full grain leather for orthopedic

    Health cannot be acquired by purchase.

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