Conserving resources does not always mean having to do without – sometimes, it just means using what is there more efficiently. Sustainability is more than simply carrying out certain measures. Sustainability is part of our strategy that integrates environmental, financial, and social aspects into all of our business activities. To ensure that this company truly exemplifies sustainability, short-term and long-term sustainability objectives are defined, implemented, and analyzed with the involvement of the executive board.


Sustainable environmental protection is not limited to compliance with the applicable environmental laws, but is one of the principles this company is based on.


This approach is already reflected in the selection of the raw materials used for our production, because we have created Pellskin, an innovative type of leather. The raw material that is used is the second layer of leather that generally receives less attention. Our finishing processes are, however, able to ensure that it has the same quality as grain leather. This makes it possible to use just a single rawhide twice. 


Innovative production technologies such as the conservation of 50 tons of CO2 per year through heat recovery, the use of rain water, and the use of exhaust air from the compressors to generate hot water provide additional impulses for a resource-conserving mindset and matching initiatives.


Sustainable supply chain management is an important component of our concept, which goes far beyond the financial dimension. Together with our business partners, we constantly improve our production process with the goal to push the level at which we use environmentally friendly chemicals and raw materials even higher. It goes without saying that we use water-based finishing materials.


Our company is aware of its social responsibility. The location of the newly constructed production facility makes it possible to keep all of our employees. Jobs in the region are saved and new jobs created. As a second-generation family-owned business, we are convinced that short-term profit maximization is not a top priority, but that it is the return on long-term investments that leads to sustainable success. Success that saves jobs, that is beneficial to our business partners, and that further strengthens Austria as a business location.


Everyone is responsible not only for what they do, but also for what they allow to happen. Ethical conduct is of great importance to Lecapell and its employees. Our corporate policy reflects our ethical and moral values and constitutes the basis for all our business activities.


As an international company, we are also concerned about the adherence to our principles beyond national borders. The Code of Conduct for Business Partners sets forth binding guidelines for our suppliers with regard to values, working conditions, health and safety.



Sustainability is our passion that always redefines our mindset, our activities, and our endeavors.